Why use and NICEIC qualified company?
31st July 2015
Outdoor Electrics & Cables
10th September 2015

If it does you need to have an ‘Electrical MOT on your house or business’ and a fuse board upgrade.

“DIY electrics is one of the most dangerous jobs a non-qualified / experienced person can tackle.”

Does your Fuse box look like this?   Does your Fuse box look like this?

““It can be easy to make an electrical circuit work – it takes an expert to make it work safely.””

If in doubt about your electrics get a NICEIC, Part P qualified electrician like Livewire Electrical to check it for you.

  • Every year, 12,500 fires in UK homes are caused by faulty electrics
  • Every year, 10 people die and 750 people are seriously injured because 
of faulty electrics

One day it could save your life, what price do you put on that?

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