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10th September 2015
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My Tips for hiring an electrician in Gloucestershire

Most problems with the electrical wiring in a house or business take a professional to handle. A certified electrician needs to be consulted, so the problem is repaired correctly and to the most recent electrical wiring regulations.


Below are five simple tips to how to pick the right professional for the job.

● Use Friends and Family as a Resource

Ask around to friends and family to see which professional they have used an electrician they have worked with. Find out how satisfied they were with and who they used and how well he handled the whole process. This is always the best place to start to find an Electrician. You can know which ones do and don’t turn out quality work.

● Check Their Credentials

Be aware of the training, qualifications and insurance an electrical contractor is required to have. Be sure to ask potential electricians what credentials they have.

● Get Multiple Price Quotes

Consult more than one electrician for a written quote on your work requested. Make sure all the ones consulted include the same criteria in their quotes. This will ensure you get the best price for the work being done. In addition, ask if they have some past clients that you can question on their services. If they avoid this request, go elsewhere. If they are really cheap or expensive ask yourself why?

● Get Clear About What Pricing Includes

Knowing whether the electrical contractor patches any holes that are made in the walls or if you will also need to hire someone to do this task. This way you are fully aware of what to expect and can be prepared if further work will be needed.

● The Image of the Electrician

If the electrician turns up late or even in a un sign written van be wary of their work, qualifications and even cutting corners. If they don’t take pride in themselves with uniforms a good tidy van or aren’t punctual, will they take pride in your work?


Use these tips when searching for a local electrician for your home or business. This will allow you to have your electrical work performed safely and affordably. Electrical wiring is nothing to take lightly, so make sure you’re getting a contractor who is able to perform the task, and will charge you a fair rate.
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